Welcome to Pica
Welcome to Pica


Pica Art Money
Pica Art Money (“PICA”) Token is a utility token issued by PICA HOLDINGS LIMITED located in Hong Kong. PICA Tokens can be used as a payment method within the business ecosystem of Pica Project located in Korea. PICA Tokens can also be used for joint ownership, sale, auction, exhibition, donation, etc. of art works by famous Korean and overseas artists. Pica Project was founded by CEO Ja Ho Song and Hae Joong Sung. The mission is to provide opportunities for anyone to easily participate in art consumption by utilizing IT technology to facilitate access to expensive art investments through joint ownership techniques. Pica Project will promote the advancement of the art market with the goal of leading the popularization of art ownership. In addition, Pica Project plans to hold exhibition contents on various themes that connect the public and art, discover promising artists to lead the world art market, and have an influence on the flow of contemporary art.


Pica Background
The existing art industry is difficult for the general public to access, and expensive artworks are even more difficult to access. To the general public, artwork is considered the exclusive property of people of wealth, and there are bad perceptions such as illegal trade or tax evasion. Owning expensive artwork was just a hope and a dream for the general public. Pica Project allows anyone to participate in art purchases with a small amount.

In addition, art exhibitions and promotions were the responsibility of some famous artists, but through the Pica Project platform, unknown artists or artworks that are not yet known in the market can be communicated to the general public. As the economy grows, the art market also continues to grow. The scale of the art market is growing not only in Korea but also in the world, and the number of transactions and transaction value are steadily rising. However, there are still a problem of reproduction and fraud for artworks, and the trust in art transactions is low internally and externally due to the opaque distribution process. Pica Project can store the distribution process as a hash value in the blockchain database through blockchain technology, or it can be stored permanently or immutably by the artist himself acknowledging that it is a genuine product. Pica Project will keep pace with the growing art market around the world through the ecosystem of PICA Tokens and will solve the problems of the current art market and art trade.


- Artwork Distribution History Management and Forgery Prevention

In the current art market, problems of fraud or forgery continue to occur, and problems such as tax evasion or concealment of criminal funds have also arisen in the art distribution process, resulting in poor public awareness of art trade and lowering trust between parties. On the platform of Pica Project, information on distribution can be stored permanently and immutably by storing such information as a hash value on a blockchain server when artworks are distributed. In addition, the artist who created the artwork can prove its genuineness and store it in the blockchain, and in the case of the death of a famous artist, the foundation can directly prove it on the blockchain and register it.

- Artwork Joint Purchase and Sale

Art purchases have been regarded as the share of property owners, and the entry barrier for the general public has been high. Pica Project has opened the way for ordinary people to become art owners even for a small amount through a joint purchasing platform. Participants can participate in purchasing artwork for a small amount through the Pica Project platform. Participants take ownership of a certain portion of the artwork, and this ownership is stored on the blockchain server. Participants can also participate in art purchases with PICA Tokens. Participants can vote to resell or auction artworks through the platform of Pica Project.

- Artwork Trading and Bidding

Art trade is active all over the world. For example, it has become very common for Korean art to be sold and traded abroad. Conversely, artworks from overseas are also actively traded in Korea. But as a result, there are problems such as fraud and forgery as well as currency exchange fees and exchange rate changes due to foreign currency transactions. Using PICA Tokens, users can bypass problems of currency exchange and foreign exchange transactions and make overseas remittances easily. PICA Tokens can be listed on global exchanges, allowing users around the world to purchase and sell them, and be used for cross-border global transactions.


- Offline and Online Exhibition

Pica Project continues to hold exhibitions for the general public for the popularity of the art market. Through Pica Project’s exhibitions, many artists’ artworks become open to the general public. Free or low entrance fees have lowered the barrier for art by the public. The exhibitions are held not only offline, but also online through the Pica Project platform. Artworks by unknown artists, which have not been widely open to the public, can be given opportunities to participate in exhibitions consistently, giving them the opportunity to debut and promote. Both the admission fee and the sale of goods can be paid with PICA Tokens.


- Donations, Culture, and Volunteer Activities

A portion of the income from all activities of Pica Project is donated. 10% of the proceeds from sales or auctions through the Pica Project platform will be used as donations. In addition, 5% of all issued PICA Tokens are also used for donation activities. For example, PICA Tokens that are sold directly or on an exchange can be donated to the Cultural Arts Foundation and used to support artists. This is used not only to support artists, but also to support scholarships and living expenses to students and neighbors in need. The above contents are transparently disclosed through the Pica Project website. In addition, Pica Project organizes events such as cultural volunteer activities, bazaars, and art donations by employees, writers, and artists.








-Artwork Auction

-Artwork Trade

-Artwork Joint Purchase


PICA Token Allocation
Total: 903,679,668 PICA
■ The sales volume is used for business expenses such as office rental fee, labor expenses, art storage maintenance fee, exhibition hall rental fee, and blockchain server fee.

■ The ecosystem volume is used not only for the cost of the PICA ecosystem such as purchasing art works and recruiting artists, but also for the organization of artists.

■ The volume for the project team is locked up for 6 months after initial listing on the exchange for price stabilization and distribution management. After that, we plan to adjust the circulation in consultation with the listed exchanges.

■ The volume for marketing will be used for providing SNS influencers, airdrops, AMA Bonuses, and marketing companies.

■ The quantity for listing and reserve will be used as listing fees, and this quantity will be used in hacking or emergency situations.

■ The amount for donation is delivered to the Culture and Arts Foundation as PICA Tokens itself or as revenue from sales through an exchange.

** The PICA matrix for distribution of PICA Tokens is subject to change according to Pica Project’s business and project progress, and the company is not obligated to notify investors or holders of this. Therefore, it cannot be used as an investment judgment factor.
Project Team
Listing and Reserve



■ Establishment of Online Art Trading Platform Project Plan
■ Pica Project Business Plan Issuance
■ Artwork Big Data Collection
■ Art Joint Purchase Big Data Collection
■ Superstar Jon Burgerman Exhibition Planning and Investment
■ Pica Project Online Platform Development
■ Pica Project, Pica Gallery Official Launching
■ Pica Art Money Launch Plan Establishment
■ First Joint Purchase Project Worth 800 Million Won Sold Out
■ 3rd and 4th Joint Purchase Project Launched and Sold Out
■ Pop-up Gallery Café ‘Pica X Lab’ Opened in Gangnam Station
■ Selected as an Excellent Company by the Korea Shared
■ The opening exhibition of the Pica Project, “Andy Warhol & Tracey Emin” was held
■ ‘Keith Haring &Yue MinJun × KAWS, Zhou Chunya, Liu Ye, Zhou Tiehai, Jin Nu’ was held
■ G:9 Planning of the Exhibition with 9 Pop Culture Artists
■ Overall Planning of Calon de Pop Art Exhibition
■ Planning of ‘Art, Heart, Hwatu, and Youngnam Cho’ Exhibition
■ “True Me, False Me” exhibition, Pica Project, Gallery de Chae
■ “Lim Ha-ryong and Han Sang-yoon’s Painting Party” exhibition was held
■ Pica Art Money(PICA) White Paper Issuance
■ Pica Art Money(PICA) Token Issuance
■ Pica Art Money(PICA) Token Domestic Exchange Listing Plan
■ Establishment of Pica Project Large-scale Art Center in Seoul Pica Art Money(PICA) Token Joint Purchase Project
■ Special Exhibition of Domestic Representative Artists
■ The first time in Korea to trade NFT artworks
■ “Pinnochio Embraces Art” exhibition was held
■ Andre Saraiva Korea’s first exhibition “Mr. Aloves Seoul” was held
■ “Lee Kun-yong and Kim Soo-yeol: Works and Archives” exhibition will be held
■ Launch Art Auction System / Acquire Auction Company
■ Blockchain Auction System Launching
■ Ecosystem Expansion through Offline Shops
■ Artist Management Project
■ AI-based Artist Copyright Management
■ Launching art NFT platform, Pica Agora
■ Establishment of Pica Art Land Korea and Overseas Branches
■ Launch Pica Art Tour in Connection with Travel Agencies
■ AI-based Media Art Show Planning
■ Pica Project attracts domestic and international institutional investment
■ Hold an online exhibition using Metaverse
■ Launch Exclusive Exhibitions for Famous Artists
■ Pica Art Money(PICA) Token Listing on Global Exchange
■ Pica Project Domestic and International IPO Planning
■ Metaverse and 3d VR virtual reality large-scale exhibition planning
■ Establishment of NFT artist support and fostering management